Research that Reaches Out

Research that Reaches Out integrates service and research to equip students with the skills required to engage in sophisticated research aimed at solving real problems facing humankind. Two guiding goals drive this work:

A pyramid shape is divided into three tiers to illustrate the curricular structure of Research that Reaches Out. At the base of the pyramid is the foundational level called Expose and the curriculum integration listed is General Education Writing Course. At the center of the pyramid is the intermediate level, Explore, and the curricular integrations listed are majors' curriculum, undergraduate research, adn interdisciplinary service-learning. At the top of the pyramid is the advanced level, Express, and the curricular integration is listed as deepened experiences.

Goal 1 – Enhance student learning through service-focused research.

Goal 2 – Foster a culture of civic engagement through scholarship and service.

Students engage with Research that Reaches Out in the classroom at three different levels:  Expose, Explore, and Express. Student learning is evaluated using seven student learning outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes