High Impact Practices (HIPS)

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are evidence-based teaching and learning practices that support deeper learning and engagement in students. They have proven to be particularly beneficial for students from historically underserved populations in the following areas:

  • Persistence and GPA
  • Deep approaches to learning
  • Higher rates of student – faculty interaction
  • Improved critical thinking and writing skills
  • Greater appreciation for diversity
  • Higher student engagement overall

The Center for Engaged Learning currently focuses on service learning, undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad. Two of Mercer’s banner programs, Mercer on Mission (study abroad, service learning, and undergraduate research) and Research that Reaches Out (service/community-based learning and undergraduate research), combine multiple HIPs to create unique, rewarding learning experiences for students.

Click on the links below to learn more about specific HIPs at Mercer.